Everything You Have to Know About SEO 2016

Apparently there are about 1,000 websites that are dedicated to explaining everything you have to know about SEO

I visited probably fifty to one hundred of these websites promising to hold the secrets to SEO.There is one thing I learned is 100% true: Every single article giving SEO advice concedes that the most important factor is content.  This should not be a surprise to anyone. There are never any shortcuts in life or secret tricks to get ahead unless you are cheating or breaking the law. There are no secret tricks to SEO. SEOnotthatcomplicated

You may have heard the old saying, “How do you play Carnegie Hall?” The answer, “Practice.” Basically the way you get good at something is by working at getting good at it. The way you make your blog successful is by working at making it good.  If your blog has content that is worth reading then people will read it. If your blog is filled with content that no one wants to read then no one is going to read it. It is that simple.

You can spend thousands on SEO experts. You can count every word of every blog post to make sure it is exactly 500 words with exactly 3 internal links. You can map out a keyword roadmap and make sure that your keywords are used exactly X times per page within the and your link backs include the keywords and your keywords are tattooed on your face. Doing these things will certainly help to improve your SEO. No one can really tell you how much these hyper technical practices will boost your SEO but these things are not complete nonsense they are based on careful study of Google’s practices of indexing and ranking pages.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do anything to optimize your SEO. What I am saying is that the best way to get more readers is to focus on the writing not the SEO. If you are spending 2 hours working on new content or improving upon something you already wrote that is much more productive than spending 2 hours on optimizing your keywords.

When you have quality content on your site a lot of the other things discussed in SEO tutorials will organically fall into place. Link backs are the best example. People worry so much about getting link backs and the quality of their link backs. These are very important for your google ranking. If prominent websites link back to your site you will rank higher. Conversely, if you a million links back to your site that were purchased or just spammed randomly with no context throughout the web, that will hurt your google ranking.

If you simply focus on the content of your site and your writing then you don’t have to worry about link backs. If your site has content people want then people are going to link to you. 

The best way to get quality link backs is to write smart shit, interesting, useful shit that people want to read. Readers will then do all the work for you from there.

In fact trying to create back links yourself will hurt your SEO with google. I destroyed the goodwill I had built with google one of my personal business websites simply by searching for SEO optimization. I googled something like, “how to improve my SEO” and I went to dozens of webpages that discussed link backs in great detail. Many of these sites had a form to enter your domain address to “check the quality of your link backs.” I foolishly tried this on two of the websites and within a week googlewebmaster showed “No Data” on the Links to Your Site page.

I learned that those websites that tell you to enter your domain, they ping thousands of junk servers and directories with your site link. You then have more spam back links than real back links and google will severely punish you for this. In my case, the worst thing I ever did to hurt my SEO was attempting to improve it.

From now on I’m going old school on SEO. I will post articles, pictures, videos, and other content regularly. I will try to make my content interesting. I will try to write articles people want to read.  I will not try to get backlinks or optimize my SEO.

You can use marketing to sell people things they don’t need or want. I’d rather just create things people need or want.

SEO meme Content is the Secret

I hope I included enough internal links in this article. I didn’t link to any other sites….did I overuse any keywords?  Shit I don’t think I even used a keyword in this article. IS THIS EVEN OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE!?!??!?!?!!

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