Teaching Peter the IT Guy – Lesson 1

peterpanLesson 1 – The Basic Requirements

These are the basic things you need to get started.

Epic Browser

This is a barebones browser that blocks cookies and other tracking software. It does not store a history of your browsing and it has a built in VPN to mask your browsing from the sites you access and your ISP. 

Onion Tor Browser (preferred) 

If you are not using a Tor browser then you are not anonymous on the internet. Learn about Tor and the Onion browser because it is the ONLY way to remain anonymous on the internet.

Technically the person controlling the exit node could potentially track you back with a ton of effort but no one would care enough about you to put in the work to try to figure out who you are.


Fast, easy to use Torrent Client that has all the options you need. Runs on Linux, Mac, or even in Terminal no problem. Supports Magnet Link (which you should always be using) and has full encryption.

Hide My Ass (or BTGuard)

Matter of Preference. I personally use Hide My Ass. VPN and proxy service for $4.99 a month. If you are going to do heavy torrenting you need one of these two to make sure you are safe.

Hide My Ass also has Free options for Proxy Servers, anonymous referrer links & anonymous Emails.


You need to make a fake email address using this service that will automatically expire within a certain period of time. You should actually have several fake temporary email addresses one that is your main one and then one that expires every month or so.

Why? If you log into your email, facebook, or any other website that identifies you then it doesn’t matter if you are the most anonymous IP address in the world because you just voluntarily told the world that you are Peter the IT guy.

Virtual Box

Virtualbox allows you to mount virtual computers within your computer and run that virtual computer in a window within your actual computer. Run any OS on any computer. I have like 12 virtual machines installed on all my computers.

Stop Using Windows 

I know you love windows but you shouldn’t. It is garbage. I don’t know why you refuse to run linux like a normal person but you need to get onboard with it. If you are scared of a full linux install or you need to test it out then use Virtualbox or a live USB/CD to get your toes wet.

I would recommend Linux Mint 18 (64bit) as an easy to use new to linux distro.  Personally I like the Cinnamon desktop but you can go crazy and try out Xfce or MATE.

Creating a live USB/CD linux OS will be covered in Lesson 2 as will actually installing a full dual boot linux OS. You could also buy CD’s online or buy a thumb drive and I’ll put the ISO on it for you.

Peer Block (optional)

This program will block IP addresses it believes to be malicious from appearing in you bit torrent client. I personally don’t use it because I think it blocks too many IP’s and isn’t even that great but some people find it to be important.

When You Are Ready To Get Serious – TAILS

Tails is true anonymity. This is what Edward Snowden uses and endorses. Any hacker who isn’t totally reckless would be using a version of linux that they customized to act in the manner that Tails does out of the box.

Tails is a live linux operating system that you run on any computer from a USB stick. It leaves no trace of your actions on the computer you use or the network you use to access the internet. It automatically encrypts your keystrokes, emails, browsing, and data.

When you are done you unplug the USB stick and there is nothing linking you to the computer you just used.

Tails is preinstalled with the software you need to protect your ID while on the web. Also, tails forces all internet connections to go through a Tor Network so unless you do something stupid like log into your google account you are safe.


Peter, get it together man! Start getting all IT with it.