How To Record Your Screen

How to make a video recording of your video screen. Whether you want to make a video of your sweet game play or a tutorial or whatever reason you may have for needing to record your screen this is how you can do it.



How to Record Computer Screen Mac OS

The easiest way to record your screen on a mac is simply open up Quicktime and then click File> New Screen Recording. Then press the record button to start recording.


How to Record Computer Screen Windows 10

Windows ten actually comes with a built in screen recorder as part of its xbox gaming BS. Press Windows Key+G and the Game DVR menu will pop-up allowing some video and snapshots of your gaming. (I’ve never actually tried this.)

How to Record Computer Screen Windows 7, 8, 10

This app which you can download for free


How to Record Computer Screen Linux

One of these is bound to work for ya.


sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop



sudo apt-get install kazam




sudo apt-get install vokoscreen




or just be an idiot