Testing Ting v. Verizon Service in NY

Today I received my brand new Ting phone and SIM card in the mail. It was delivered within 4 days from when I places my online order. Setup took about 5 to 10 minutes and there was no need to call and speak to anyone at ting to activate (unlike the 3 hours it took me to activate my Nexus 6p on Verizon). Simply popped in the sim card, made two changes in the menu according to the step by step instructions on the website and restarted the phone. Instantly had full LTE service and a new phone number.

I am going to spend the next the next two months testing Ting against Verizon to see how the two providers compare in terms of coverage and speed.

Please stay tuned for updates.

Day One Verizon

Verizon speed test in Woodside Queens NYC:

Verizon speed test tethering with Linux laptop Queens

Verizon in Doulaston Queens


Day One Ting

Woodside Queens, NYC


Douglaston, NYC