How to Get Someone’s IP Address From an Email

There is one way that is very easy if you are using gmail but it will not always work. One time it will not work is if the person sending you the email sent it using gmail because gmail uses its own encryption to hide certain information about the sender. 

If you get an email from someone and you want to find out where they sent it from by using their IP address you can try this simple method if you are on gmail. Click the little arrow next to the reply button. A drop down menu will appear. Click on “show original.” Now you can see the route that email took to end up in your inbox.

You can do this same thing in AOL, Yahoo mail or Outlook. In Yahoo you click on “show headers.”


This method will give you a ton of information if the person sent you the email from outlook because outlook does not secure the sender’s info in anyway before it sends out the email so you will see their local IP. 

If you can’t figure out how to read the email header you can even use websites like this one that will analyze the header for you and give you the relevant information.  


You can enter an IP address into a tool like this and find out all kinds of information about the IP address.