Check Your Website’s Rank

There are many ways to check your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.

This is becoming less and less important since google is killing google page rank, and soon google’s page ranking will not be public.


I think it’s always best to hear it directly from the horse’s mouth. Google webmaster lets you see how google is ranking your site. Seems like the best person to ask about your google rank is google right?


This site can be helpful but you have to sign up for an account.

This site will give you several rankings but more importantly it will give you a lot of data about your site. It will count the number of referring domains, external backlinks, and other info about your site’s position in search directories.

 The truth is that Google Page Rank Doesn’t Matter.

So feel free to check out how your site “ranks” and how many backlinks you have but know that in 2016 your google web rank doesn’t mean much and backlinks don’t hold the power they once did.

The Most Effective SEO Boosts

Content is king. The most important thing you can do to boost your SEO is to have relevant quality content posted daily.

Focus on longer posts with more information. Search engines seem to favor longer posts with a decent amount of information to very short posts (under 500 words). Google’s top 10 sites for a standard search have at least 2,000 words. 

Video is the most searched content so if you can get video on your site get some on there.

Google does not only look at the links to your site but also the sites that you link to. If you link to high quality, reputable websites then that will help your SEO. Linking to low quality, sketchy sites is going to hurt your SEO.

Speaking of links, you should use internal linking to link back to older posts on your site.