All Kratom Comments Must be Submitted by December 1st!

UPDATE: The goal of 100,000 comments has been met!

Should we really outlaw a plant in order to preserve big pharmaceutical companies’ profits?

220px-mitragyna_speciosa111The controversial plant Mitragyna Speciosa , better known as Kratom, is actually a sister plant to the coffee plant. It has been used by thousands of years in South East Asia in a similar manner as Americans use coffee.

If you somehow have not heard about this yet, the DEA imposed an emergency scheduling of Kratom making it a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Schedule 1 would put kratom in the same category as heroin, LSD, Meth, and many serious drugs.

This scheduling is absurd considering Kratom is a plant that grows in the ground and is ingested naturally straight out of the earth, unlike heroin or cocaine which are adulterated plants that are dangerous and deadly. There is no reported record of any person ever dying of an overdose on Kratom. Kratom actually helps recovering opiate addicts quick their habit. Opiate pain killers and heroin are responsible for a death every 19 minutes.

That means that the DEA’s proposal to outlaw Kratom would result in recovering addicts returning to pain killers or heroin.Following this logic the DEA’s proposal would result in many deaths.

dea-policeAfter some serious backlash from the public, the DEA lifted the emergency scheduling ban and has decided to allow the community to submit comments regarding the scheduling of Kratom.

This is your opportunity to get your voice heard. The DEA will read every comment that is submitted prior to December 1, 2016.

You can post a comment directly to the DEA through the DEA regulation website here. To speed up comment processing time put “RE: Docket No. DEA-442W – my comments” at the top of your comment.



Quick Tip:

Write a comment from the heart. We simply do not want to use the words “treat”, “medicine”, or “cure” because substances with those descriptions fall under FDA control. Kratom has NOT been proven to treat or cure anything and it really is not a medicine. So this is just a way of making sure we are being factual in our description.

Tips on writing a comment to the DEA can be found here.

You can post detailed comments or short comments. You can even attach documents to your comment in support of your claims if you would like.

You can post anonymously if you would like.

We need 2,500 comments to be submitted in the next 4 days in order to meet our goal of 10,000 comments.

Please let the DEA know that the public does not support the regulation or prohibition of Kratom or any other natural plant.  Get your voice heard!


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