Adventure Capitalist For Android Closed Time Change Cheat

It appears adventure Capitalist the addicting Android game in which the user buys and manages various ventures with the singular goal of earning as much money as possible, has finally closed a huge loophole.

Since profits are earned at a fixed rate over a period of time users could turn off their internet connection, manually set the date on their phone backward by a year, then reset their phone to the current date and on the process earn a year’s worth of profits in 2 minutes.This well known trick didn’t work in the more competitive online events but worked for years on the “local planets.”

All of a sudden the cheat doesn’t work. It appears that the developers finally found a solution using some sort of internal clock in the app that prevents users from manually manipulating the time and date.

It took me over a year to beat all the local planets even when using this cheat. Now I’m going to start the game over and see how difficult it must be to win without this cheat.

Adventure capitalist cheat no longer works

Adventure Capitalist