Top 10 Tips For Better Photographs

Everyone wants to know how they could improve their photographs. When people ask me for tips or advice on how to improve their photography I tell them that these are the 10 most important things. These tips are for everyone from a person who picked up a camera for the first time to a pro who has been shooting for 40+ years. Often times I wish I would follow this advice more often.

1. Always have a Camera With You. 


2. Shoot More Photos.


3. Stop Caring About How You Look Like A Weirdo. 


4. Long Lens/Zoom-in.


5. Keep Your Camera Out and Shoot From Your Hip.


6. Use Makeshift Tripods.

7. Don’t Use Flash Indoors Use it Outdoors.


8. Shoot in Aperture Priority Mode.


9. Ditch the Zoom. 


10. Move Around A Lot.


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