A Guide to CSR2 for Android

csr2-1.pngIf you thought the original CSR android game was good wait until you see the squeal. CSR2 has hands down the best graphics I’ve ever seen on android. It is gorgeous. We are talking about console level graphics on a mobile device. Everything about the graphics are amazing. Even the way you score appears and the “you win” or “you lose” text at the end of a race…hats off to the folks who designed the graphics in this game. 

Now just like the original game there are a lot of things you need to know about CSR2 to avoid wasting valuable upgrades, money, gold, etc. There are also some things that are different from the original game that are helpful to know about in advance. 

Here is the ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2 for Android.

The Best Cars in CSR2

I don’t have to have to do this since someone else already has. Click here for a guide to the best cars in each tier in CSR2. This site breaks down the stats of every car in every tier so you can compare them. 

Boss Cars

Unlike the original CSR in CSR2 you can win the final boss car race without buying the super nitro so don’t waste money on it. 

Boss cars can only be upgraded to a certain extent so you will probably need to buy another car in that tier to complete it. 

Make sure you max out your car’s stats before you do your final boss race because once you beat him in the final race that will be your only opportunity to race to win his boss car. 


What Are the Keys in CSR Racing 2 & How do They Work?

Keys are a form of currency in CSR2. They are a premium currency like Gold, perhaps even more valuable than the gold. The keys are harder to come by than Gold and the keys will gain you access to premium parts. You will win keys throughout the game for certain accomplishments.

There are three keys: bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze keys are the most common, silver next, and of course the gold keys are incredibly rare. When you go to the rare parts menu there are three categories which relate to the types of keys. Bronze keys allow you to get premium parts from  bronze category and so on. You should go to the rare parts menu every time you come back to the game because you will get a free bronze rare parts box every 4 hours. 

Rare parts are the best way to soup up your whip but they are brand specific. So you will get a rare turbo part for a Ford for example and it will only be useful if you have a Ford car. 

Types of Races

  • Ladder – A series of increasingly more difficult races that force you to upgrade your car to keep moving up the rungs. Pieces of the CSR Racing 2 narrative are also provided with each victory. Each of the five car tiers has its own Ladder.
  • Regulation – Races you can take at any time to simply grind out more cash for upgrades. They never get any tougher, so once you beat one, you know you’ll be able to do it consistently. Regulation races have three tiers — Rookie, Amateur, and Pro — with the latter two unlocking only after you’ve defeated a few racers in that tier’s Crew Battle. Cars from higher tiers can be taken into lower tier Regulation races if desired.
  • Crew Battle – The meat of CSR2‘s story mode, each tier’s Crew Battle plays out the same way. The idea is to defeat four members of the crew that runs that section of the map, then defeat the leader of that crew. The twist is that the crew leader needs to be defeated three times before you can move on, and each race gets harder. Rewards include cash, along with gold for the crew leader races.
  • Tuning Trial – Races that require not only a vehicle from a specific tier, but also put limitations on a car’s PP. That means you’ll need to tune it carefully to get it within a certain range, perhaps removing certain upgrades to get there.
  • Supply Cup – Allows you to win fusion parts for a certain manufacturer. Usually timed and themed in concert with an upcoming Prestige Cup.
  • Prestige Cup – Requires a certain make and model to be driven. When certain numbers of victories are achieved, it rewards the driver’s crew with bonus Reputation Points (RP).
  • Prize Cup – As the name suggests, a time-limited series of races to earn some nice rewards, which could mean cash, gold, or keys.
  • Crew Cup– Unfortunately, this is not tournament-style action against another crew, but rather a mode that allows you to work with teammates toward rewards that benefit your entire crew. You can only try three of these races per day, win or lose.
  • Daily Battle – Race with a special loaner car against that same car. Daily Battles can be attempted every four hours, and the prizes get better with each successive victory.
  • Live Race – This is CSR2’s multiplayer mode, where you can race against other players in real time — and even wager cash on yourself if you fancy your chances. Prizes are mostly keys, given out after every so many consecutive victories.

*LIVE RACE NOTE – when you are in a tier one car you will start the race normally but once you upgrade to a tier two car be prepared to have to use the launch button on the left side of the screen. With this button you have feather the gas pedal to get it in the green but you most also hit the launch button when the race starts if you don’t hit the launch button you will be left behind.



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